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Interior Designer

Khadijah Johnson


Get to know me . . .

As an Interior designer, I'm thrilled to have the chance to work with individuals like you to create spaces where you can be yourself. I have the ability to intuitively tune into your vision, which enables me to comprehend your specific needs and desires for a space. After that, I turn your concepts into plans that swiftly move from a dream to reality.

Believe it or not, I didn’t begin in the world of design. In fact, I first excelled in the business management, pursuing a degree in Business Administration from the illustrious South Carolina State University. After graduating, I worked as a department manager for a few companies. One day, I found myself doing what felt like my 100th DIY project (a custom tufted headboard and sewed pillows to match) for my 2rd room makeover that year. I started to think about how I use to force my brother and cousins play a game where each team would rearrange the bedroom and my mom would be the judge as to which team won. Silly, right? Just imagine 7-8 year olds moving heavy furniture like beds and dressers lol. I laugh each time I think about it. I knew in an instant, like a bulb going off in my head, that interior design was a path I had to follow.

From there, enrolled in the Aspiring Designers Academy and started a business doing furniture restoration and reupholstery. As my love for that business deflated over time, my passion for interior design grew. Shortly after completing my course work at ADA and about 3 full design projects, I decided to pivoted my business to interior design and home decor shop. 

Beyond my career as an interior designer, I enjoy a wide variety of experiences including vacationing out of the country, as well as making memories with close friends and family.

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Let's get started!

It's as simple as a conversation with us to learn more about how interior design can be a great fit for you. Schedule your discovery call today! 

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